Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do you have a printed catalogue?

A. No, we do not print a catalogue. This keeps our costs low so that we can provide the highest quality product at a reasonable price.

Q. Are your decals fuel-proof?

A. The printed vinyl decals are printed with permanent ink that is used for outdoor applications. Our tests have shown that the ink on the printed vinyl does indeed hold up well to glow fuel. Dry transfers are just permanent ink, and are less tolerant to solvents and rubbing. When in doubt, a clear coat is your best insurance against wear.

Q. Can I paint a clear coat over your decals?

A. In general, painting clear coat over our products works well. Whatever you do, be sure to test before you ruin your pride and joy!

Q. For multi-colored decals like roundels and Stars and Bars do you use multiple layers of cut vinyl to create the decal?

A. No, our multi-color decals are thermally printed on a premium grade outdoor-rated PSA vinyl.

Q. Do you make water-slide (water transfer) decals?

A. No, water slide decals use a carrier sheet that is visible after applied, which does not meet our quality standard. We use dry transfer decals, which are made from ink with an adhesive backing. So nothing goes on your project but ink (rub off ). With dry transfers there is no carrier!

Q. Do you make dry transfer decals?

A. Yes, they work well for small items (like nomenclature) and for detailed images (like nose art).

Q. Do you provide complete graphic sets including insignias, letters and numbers, and nose art?

A. Please contact us for sets that we have in our library.

Q. Do you make custom orders?

A. For custom orders please follow the following process:

  • Send as much documentation as you have on your project (photos, drawings, sketches, plans, web site addresses, etc.) clearly showing the markings you want. Electronic files are preferred. However, you can send printed material and we will return them unharmed with your order.
  • Provide us a complete listing and quantity of the items you want to order (insignias, letters, numbers, etc.). Please include colors if they are not shown in a photo. If we are working from photos or other visual documentation. DO NOT PROVIDE TWO DIMENSIONS, as this generally results in a single dimension which allows the item to fit.
  • After we review the materials you have provided (allow 1 - 2 weeks) we will send you a quote.
  • When you receive your quote, dimensions for all of the items will be shown. Adjustments to the items size, color, etc. can be performed at this time.
  • Once the quote is approved we will begin working on the project.
  • We will send an invoice from the finalized quote. Once the order is shipped we will request payment.

Q. Do you sell graphic sets that you have done for other customers?

A. Yes, the artwork that we produce is stored for later use. 

Q. Can you use other decal sheets to make graphics for my larger scale model?

A. Yes, we can create markings from small decal sheets. This is a great way to provide us all the markings on a scale decal sheet that matches your project. For better accuracy and detail, use lager scale decal sheets (1/24 or 1/32 works the best). Send or scan the decal sheet, giving us the scale of the decal sheet, and the scale of the target application.

Q. Can you produce Noseart, like pinup girls?

A. Yes, we have done several different “pinup girl” sets.

Q. How long does it typically take to complete an order?

A. It varies with workload and backlog, but in general plan on 1 - 2 weeks after you place your order to receive a proof. After we have an approved quote, plan on 2 - 3 weeks for printing, finishing and shipping. If you have a hard deadline such as an upcoming contest, we will do our best accommodate your request. Please try to give us as much advance notice as possible. .