Our customers are true artisans, Be sure to check out the pictures they have sent in the Gallery.

Here is what our customers have to say…

“I knew I should have come to you guys first!!"

- Sean Mchale

“I was contacted by GetStencils.com and given an itemized breakdown of the work to be done for my order and how it was priced. I checked with a couple of local sign makers in the area and their price for the same work was considerably higher. The price I got from GetStencils.com, it turns out, is not unreasonable and I have placed my order with them.”

“I was very happy with all of your stencils and they turned out very good!

I will be giving you a call for my next model and have been recommending you to all the scale builders around here.”

- Larry Botsford

“Vikie made every attempt to get my order perfect.  The products and the price were fantastic and I will do business with GetStencils.com again.”

Vikie is Retiring!

It’s been a great 7 plus years that we’ve had GETSTENCILS.COM.  I am grateful that I’ve had so many 
great customers that helped me make the business successful.  However, I am closing the business and retiring effective immediately so I can pursue other interests.

We will continue to go to various RC Flying events and look forward to seeing you then.  Of course 
Paploo loves these events and will come with us.

I can’t thank everyone enough for your support.